Reading Activity For Kindergarten

As homeschooler, one of the most important tasks for you to accomplish in your child at an early age is to get them interested in and developing good reading habits. At an early age learn to recognize letters, the sounds they make and words they eventually form should unstructured activities and tasks. Great reading activity for kindergarten age children, for example, is read to them.
Reading Activity For Kindergarten

Natural progression in the activity you are reading with your child is that after you've read for the part of the story; are they paraphrase the story back to you. This will help you to understand what level of listening and understanding their capabilities, also has helped them to start building their vocabulary as they work to find new words that they can use with their description of the story they give back to you.

Good reading activity does not always happen at home, or before going to bed. While you're running errands around town or on vacation, children may have started to collect words from signs, or spell objects they see. Encouraging them to learn different ways to describe the object seen. Not something big, perhaps by large, or larger ... or even a gigantic proportions! Have your child arrange the words they have collected into silly sentences or phrases. Even something as simple as collecting letters from signs, license plates, and such to work their way through the alphabet is a reading age of kindergarten are good.

Not in the car, or traveling around a lot? Use every day items around the house to do the same. Labels, there are many labels around the house. Really put labels on items of everyday around the house so your child can associate the spelling, and reading the real items. Then, after a while, take the labels of goods and help your child read and re-label the house.

Once you get your creative juices flowing, you will come up with many more reading activities. The key is to make reading daily part of their lives. Make the effort to spend an hour a day reading more with an hour less of television. TV is extremely passive thought processing activity. While reading and using one's imagination is the source of growth and a great foundation to build on.


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