The Basic Principles Of The Theory Of Evolution

The theory of evolution teaches that survival is for the fittest living organisms.

What is life? What fits? And what it means to survive?
The Basic Principles Of The Theory Of Evolution

Well, there are many definitions of course. Definitions useful in a scientific perspective, is one that allows us to analyze myriads things with the principles of the least. So here they are.

A living organism is a class of objects that share the properties of 3.

1. Reproduce. Living organisms can make a copy.
2. Inherited. Living organisms, in the process of reproduction, will inherit the traits to offspring.
3. Mutated. Living organisms, in the process of inheriting, will make small mistakes.

That seems like a reasonable definition. If we look at the most living things around us, such as dogs, cats, pigs, birds, fido, viruses, etc., they all share traits.

However, based on this definition, God is not alive, while computer viruses, religious doctrines, ideologies and ideas alive.

I do not think God would mind though. It is just a definition.

Practical aspect is that we can use evolutionary theory to explain the types of humans, cats, dogs, germs, doctrines, ideologies, and ideas are common nowadays.

Different living organisms perform 3 different properties. Organisms that reproduce much of their lives to be a lot. People who reproduced many, become common.

That is the basis of the theory of evolution.

For example, we see that the peacocks tend outlined long tail. From this, we can guess peacocks with long tails should have made more complicated peachicks. Perhaps, peahen love peacocks with long tails complicated. It is true.

For example, it is true. Then peacocks with longer tails will mate with more peahens. They are a happily married couple will then generate more peachicks.

Peachick’s men will inherit a long tail. Peachick’s women will inherit a preference for long tail. So, peahens like peacocks with long tails.

It looks like a circular argument. This matter. The truth is we really do not know for sure, at least the only reason, why peacocks have long tails.

However, we know that the characteristics that led to the gene pool survival through sexual selection tend to be a positive feedback.

They are characteristics that increase the gene pool survival through regular ways or signal the ability to survive in women. The first sample is Cheetah's speed and a man of wealth. The second sample is a peacock tail and a sports car.

Peacocks others have a longer tail, more peacocks in the future, will have an even longer tail. Peahens others in the future will get activated long tail even more.

Now, most of the poor men. Does that mean women like the poor? Is serving the gene pool becomes poor survival?

The answer to the first question is no. The answer to both is, well, sort of because of various laws unnatural sex against sex. It's complicated.


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