Improve The Application Of Micro Bubbles

There are many studies on micro bubbles in recent years.

Micro bubbles are miniature gas bubbles of less than 50 microns diameter in water. Micro bubbles, which mostly contain oxygen or air, can remain suspended in the water for a long time. Gradually, the gas within the micro bubbles dissolves into the water and the bubbles disappear. The bubbles generated by various types of aerators now available in the market.
Improve The Application Of Micro Bubbles

These micro bubbles, into a very small size, which is characterized by an electrical charge. They attract floating mended very effective. Certain properties have been used in the treatment Lumpur using micro bubbles to capture and float organic matters, thus reducing the time required for treatment Lumpur.

Microbubbles have also been introduced by the Japanese to market safe and good tasting oysters. Micro bubbles of concentrated oxygen containing about 2% ozone can be used to deactivate norovirus in shellfish and oysters. Norovirus is one of the major pathogens that cause food poisoning in the winter. This is a much more efficient method than the cultivation of oysters in sterile seawater and using chlorine-based germicide.

Another use is the bubbles appear in the field of cancer treatment. Scientists are developing a method for diagnosing cancer lesions by injecting microbubbles into the blood stream. During the ultrasonic scan for cancer lesions, the micro bubbles contract and expand rapidly due to the pressure generated by the ultrasonic beam. Groups of micro bubbles at cancerous tumors will show up very visible on ultrasound scans showed the presence of cancer cells.

Because of their surface area volume ratio, micro bubbles can penetrate deep into the surface for effective cleaning. This cleaning effect of micro bubbles is used in cleaning the inside of vegetables such as cabbage and radish shoots, as well as maintaining the freshness of the vegetables in one particular vegetable processing center in Japan.

On a more personal level, micro bubbles can penetrate deep into the skin to scrub good without the need for any shampoo or soap. This skin care has been introduced in a few spas in Japan as well as shops specializing in bathing pets. Needless to say, the baths are especially beneficial for pets who have skin allergies pet shampoo.

Suwa Company also developed a tiny generator that is useful micro bubbles that can be used at home. With all product development occurs, immediately, you can buy a micro bubble generator at your electronics store and relax in a micro bubble bath at home.


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