Transitioning To Homeschooling

If you have made the decision to homeschool and part of that decision will involve your child's transition out of the public school system, there are several aspects worth considering.
Transitioning To Homeschooling

Once your children start life outside of school education in general, there will be a transition time for them; as there will be a time of transition for anybody who experience a change in their lives and their routines. If this will be your homeschooling scenario you have to understand that the time after the public school, but before you begin homeschooling is a good time to help your child through this period and prepare them for a new educational experience that will come. It's important to use this time to help your child understand that learning and their education can take place in their home and their family unit.

Even after you started in homeschooling is important to understand that your child probably will still need some time to adjust to the new routine and the new freedom of education at home. Initially, let your child dip their toes into the water homeschooling before jumping in. Remember, apart from teaching, learning, and learning, will really quite a different environment for your child as opposed to a bell, the halls are crowded, and all of the noise and disturbance they have become accustomed to the learning environment they were before. So, some decompression time possible for them.

During this time, do not worry about setting expectations too high, or feel as though if you do not start 'doing' something you will soon fall behind schedule. Remember, flexibility and scheduling is one of the great benefits to homeschooling. Relax. Besides, I really believe you will soon find that once you get into the rhythm of your schedule, you'll find that with the individual attention your child receives with each subject, they will soon not only make any initial loss of time, but they may be beyond what you even been scheduled in the beginning!

Using the transition time or decompression talk with your child about what they are really interested in and what they want to learn about and dream about. Talk to them about setting up a small and longer term goals and how to achieve the goal of every minor one at a time they are on their way to realize their dreams. Let them know that they will be able to learn the subject matter that they were interested in much greater detail than they have ever been able to before. Get a jump start on their minds all major projects and subjects that you will include them in your new homeschooling environment. If you do this, you will find that your children will make it through the transition from traditional education to homeschooling education and energy excited about this incredible possibility to learn.


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