Why Do People Home School Their Children?


Of course in America there are many options to educating our children. There are public schools, private schools, charter schools, Montessori schools and, of course, the option of home schooling. There are supporters of home schooling and public schools. Those who did not come home from school, which is still the majority of Americans, need to understand the reasons why people choose to home school their children.
Why Do People Home School Their Children?

Religious or philosophical beliefs:
Religion is not allowed in public schools. Many families feel that religion should be the majority of their children's education than allowing public schools.

People who have faith in religion showed great passion. It is the individual who is passionate about the education of their children and feel that only they are able to teach them to the best of their ability and content that they feel they have to learn. Home schooling parents are responsible, they call the shots and they like it that way.

Some people who do not understand home school believes that it is limiting rather than socializing. But people who believe that are stuck in the thinking of the age-based socialization class stereotypes. Children who are home schooling throughout the affected social situation in the age range of the mixture. They have "aged-couple" not "class-mate".

Many elementary schools house children feel that they need to be exposed to the proper way to behave inappropriately. They feel that their child should be exposed to model the behavior of people who have learned to make decisions and handle themselves in a variety of social backgrounds. Because exposed to appropriate modeling social behavior, home-schooled children will learn how to act appropriately.

Parents home schooled children can also see when their child "gets it" when they were models for the younger children proper behavior.

Home-schooled children have social learning is based on reality. Every day they see the adults they know, love and trust manage and balance of everyday life. The model for them is academics balanced with real tasks; caring for sick friends or neighbors, shoveling driveways and roads, do grocery shopping and dropping dry cleaning, cooking dinner while folding laundry, putting away laundry and talking on the phone with Aunt Sara. This is a real life situation that houses the affected primary schools and public school children are often sheltered from or privy to the school environment is controlled.

Elementary school house has several advantages over a public schooled children. The curriculum is designed specifically for them-not for children their age and what children at a certain age are expected to know and learn. Public schools differentiate instruction the best they can. However, home-schooled child has a curriculum that is tailored to their needs. They can be read at grade level 4 Th, 3 rd grade Mantra level and complete math at grade level 6 Th.

Home-schooled children are not in a hurry or not given enough time. There were no other children to "keep busy" so they are free to work on their speed and move sooner or later need.

Much research has been done on how children learn best. Home-schooled children are not only taught by those who know them best in the world but also because they were only students, learning styles never varies. If a student learns best through music, then the curriculum home-schooled child can be tailored to meet their needs so that they will be more successful.

Home-schooled children get to spend more time as a family. They do not get caught up in a traditional school atmosphere for 6 hours a day but is free to spend quality time as a family every day.

It is said that parents are the child's first teacher. Families who home school wants to continue to be a teacher of their children because they feel that their children need the guidance of their family and God and no guidance from someone who is hired to perform work that by their nature from the day their child was born.


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